Special Statement  Statement as of 8:48 am EDT on September 1, 2014

... Showers and thunderstorms will move across Worcester and Accomack
counties through 10 am EDT...

At 846 am EDT... NWS Doppler radar indicated an area of showers and
embedded thunderstorms. These showers were oriented along a line
extending from Girdletree to Chincoteague... or along a line
extending from 7 miles east of Pocomoke City to 8 miles north of
Chincoteague to Chincoteague... moving east at 20 mph.

These showers and thunderstorms will be near...
Snow Hill around 850 am EDT...
Boxiron around 855 am EDT...
Mount Wesley around 900 am EDT...
Public Landing around 905 am EDT...

Hazards include...
heavy rainfall and minor flooding.

Don't wait until you see the first lightning flash before heading to
safety. Move indoors at the first sign of threatening skies or the
first sound of thunder. Make sure that lightning is well away from
your location before resuming outdoor activity.

Lat... Lon 3805 7521 3805 7522 3787 7534 3785 7536
      3787 7541 3786 7546 3799 7554 3810 7553
      3833 7512 3831 7509

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