Outer Banks Dare

 Public Information Statement  Statement as of 7:29 am EDT on May 22, 2015

... Hurricane preparedness...

The following is a safe boating message from the National safe
boating Council and the National Weather Service for this year's
National safe boating week.

Boaters: be prepared for hurricane season. Don't wait until a
Hurricane Warning to secure your boat. By the time a Hurricane
Warning is issued, it's too late to be working on a dock safely.

Listen to weather forecasts and plan ahead. Haul out your boat or
add additional lines during a hurricane or tropical storm watch,
which is issued before a warning, 48 hours before the anticipated
onset of of storm winds.

This message has been brought to you by the NOAA National Weather
Service, and the safe boating Council.

This message was brought to you by the National Weather Service
and the National safe boating Council. Visit the National Weather
Service on the web at www.Weather.Gov and the National safe
boating Council at www.Safeboatingcouncil.Org.

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