Outer Banks Dare

 Beach Hazard Statement  Statement as of 4:42 am EDT on July 22, 2014

... Beach hazards statement remains in effect from 8 am EDT this
morning through this evening from Rodanthe north...

* hazards... high risk of rip currents.

* Location... north of Rodanthe.

* Timing and tides... rip currents are generally strongest a few
hours either side of low tide... which will occur around 11 am

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

Rip currents are powerful channels of water flowing quickly away
from shore... which occur most often at low spots or breaks in The
Sandbar and in the vicinity of structures such as groins...
jetties and piers. Heed the advice of lifeguards and the beach
patrol. Pay attention to flags and posted signs posted near beach
access points and lifeguard stations.

If you become caught in a rip current... do not panic. Remain calm
and begin to swim parallel to shore. Once you are away from the
force of the rip current... begin to swim back to the beach. Do
not attempt to swim directly against a rip current... since it can
exhaust and even kill the strongest swimmer.

Please visit the following website to share your thoughts on the
new rip current hazard...

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