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 Public Information Statement  Statement as of 7:19 am EST on November 29, 2015

    winter weather preparedness week in North Carolina
                    Nov 29 - Dec 5 2015

This week has been declared winter weather preparedness week in North
Carolina. All week long the National Weather Service will be issuing
informative messages to help you prepare for winter weather.

... Outlook for this winter...

Noaa's official outlook features a high chance of above normal
precipitation for eastern North Carolina. The seasonal outlook does
not project where and when snow or ice storms may hit or provide
total seasonal snowfall accumulations. Snow and ice forecasts are
dependent upon the strength and track of winter storms, which are
not predictable more than a week in advance.

The winter season temperature forecast for North Carolina lacks a
strong enough climate signal to make a prediction, so there is
generally an equal chance of above, below, or near normal temps
this winter across the state.

Regardless of the prediction for this winter's weather, everyone
should use this week to prepare for the upcoming winter months and
the possibility of winter storms. Below are some definitions of
winter storm watches, warnings, and advisories, and various winter
precipitation types.

... Winter storm watches and warnings...

Watches and warnings are issued by the NWS for potentially life-
threatening conditions. In winter, watches and warnings are issued
for significant snow and/or ice storms. Below are a list of winter
weather watches, warnings, and advisories.

Winter Storm Watch - issued when there is at least 3 inches of snow
and/or ice accumulations of 1/4 inch or more possible within the next
24 to 48 hours.

Winter Storm Warning - issued when at least 3 inches of snow and/or
ice accumulations of 1/4 inch or more are expected within 24 to 36

Winter Weather Advisory - issued when 1 to 2 inches of snow or ice
accumulations of a trace to less than 1/4 inch are likely within 24
to 36 hours.

Wind chill warning - issued when wind chill temperatures (the combined
effect of wind and temperature on exposed skin) are forecast to reach
15 below 0 or colder.

Wind Chill Advisory - issued when wind chill temperatures are forecast
to reach 0 degrees or colder.

Winter storms are deceptive killers because most deaths are indirectly
related to the storm. Examples are traffic accidents due to icy roads,
heart attacks while shoveling snow, fires, and Carbon monoxide
poisoning. The NWS issues advisories, watches, and warnings to help
you prepare for upcoming winter weather and take appropriate action
to protect yourself and loved ones, as well as protect your property.

Additional information on winter weather preparedness can be obtained
on-line through the NC department of emergency management home Page.

The url is: http://readync.Org

Up-to-date weather information is available on-line from the following
NWS sites serving nc:

NWS Raleigh, nc: weather.Gov/rah
NWS Blacksburg, va: weather.Gov/rnk
NWS Wilmington, nc: weather.Gov/ilm
NWS Newport/Morehead, nc: weather.Gov/mhx
NWS Greenville/Spartanburg, sc: weather.Gov/gsp

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