Special Statement  Statement as of 6:02 am EDT on April 23, 2014

... Increased fire danger today...

Breezy and dry conditions will prevail over northeast North Carolina
today. Minimum relative humidity values will range from 20 to 30
percent and will combine with sustained northwest winds of 15 to
20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. This will result in increased
fire danger across northeast North Carolina through early this
evening, primarily during the afternoon hours.

Residents are urged to exercise caution handling any potential
ignition source... including machinery... cigarettes and matches. Be
sure to properly discard all smoking materials. Any dry grasses
and tree litter that ignite will have the potential to spread


 Public Information Statement  Statement as of 10:10 am EDT on April 23, 2014

Between 1130 am and noon today... and normally every Wednesday... we
will conduct a test of the NOAA all hazards weather radio alarm
system. Persons with alarms on their radios... are asked to ensure
that these are turned on... to confirm that the test was received.
Again... the alarm test will be conducted between 1130 am and noon
today. The alarm test may be cancelled without notice in the event
of rapidly developing warning or watch conditions... which require
the Wakefield office to shift into a higher alert Mode.

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